Sweet Moments of Release

It is so much easier to accept death
than abandonment
or the turn of mind
that causes love's recession

when life becomes merely
what we settle for
instead of the fulfillment
of hope and our heart's desire

for death allows forgiveness
at a depth that life never can
down at the core of our being
where acceptance becomes necessity

but to grieve the loss
of what might still be ours
is to face our true emotions
accepting even anguish, anger, pain

while to live in abandonment
offers no more than excuses
reasons to be untrue to ourselves
instead of facing the hopelessness
born of a broken heart

and reason rules
where once love flowed so free

then time becomes no more than passing hours
of a heart too numb to feel the pain
and success becomes no more, no less
than complex habits of denial
of the basic urge to life

while the fear of death
entwines itself
with every feeling thus denied
and potential freedom stagnates
not allowed to see the light of day

or that moment of awakening
when life brings itself into being
and the soul is reborn
again and again in the course of time

for the urge to creation lies
in giving up control
of the minutes and hours of time
and the tangled web
of past relations' aftermath

when anger melts
releasing heartfelt tears so long denied
after a seeming lifetime waiting
to discover
that what we learned at too early an age
the containment of what we felt as desire
must in the course of time
come into being once more

and the timing
is everything

oh, the feel of life - astounding
at that sweet moment of release

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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