Symbolic Imagery

The wind whips up
and waves begin to break upon the shore
disturbing all the million grains of sand
yet destiny demands an alteration
and Zeus now takes command
insisting on a moment of attention

Clouds are gathering
ominous, the darkness that they bear
and oh! how thunder crashes
when they meet
as lightning slashes through
the darkening skies

yet there, just on the other side
of every stormy attitude
lie moods of velvet softness
just awaiting one pure moment
of awareness

and the rain that pelted down
in icy drops that seemed
to beat against the skin
dissipates to just a mist
that gently kisses flesh
with tenderness

as Zeus flows into Eros
for Orpheus is at his lyre
and enmity just slips away
absorbed within an ecstasy
of living song

and his vibrations
are now changing everything
as voices rise
just like a tide to praise
the glory of each heart
that lives in love

What greater gift than this?
just to be kissed
by one inspired song
of love that sings
through all eternity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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