Symbols in the Dream

Alone again
I find my bed
chilly with the night
while thoughts of you delight
the sense of flesh
that seeks to reunite
what day has split asunder

To dream again
in longing and in need
of touch that supercedes
the fantasy

When morning dawns
what will I feel?
as dreams precede
the mood of breaking day

calling forth pure moments of
a longing and a need
beyond the fantasy
in images become the seed
of symbols in the dream

and within this tapestry
of life unfolding
the symbol is the pattern
of our lives
sketched in starlight
in the night

while a touch of stardust
filtering through air
allows us to become aware
of light's eternity
in sweet and tender moments of
the reality of love


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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