Symphony of Life

River rushing, coursing, flowing
through the base of every being
bringing healing to the fore
while whispering of evermore

Bond of love in two hearts forms
while once again, the world reborn
becomes the pristine soul's retreat
the chill of morning warmed with heat

created through the movement of
this everlasting love
as God and Goddess join within
and air is filled with sacred hymn

of angels' sweetest songs on high
We live, we love, we learn to fly
in unison of two hearts beating
in rhythm of the world repeating

joy of every morning's song
in peace of knowing we belong
among the myriad creatures here
where sky so blue and air so clear

inspires goodness of a kind
that touches every mortal mind
Ever expanding, enchanting, adoring
in praise of the world that the Gods are transforming

while hand in hand we walk along
the ridge arising in the song
of love so true that time stands still
in echoes of the silent hills

The poetry of life within
the love that makes the world spin
Catching words upon the wind
a poem forms in mighty blend

of hearts expanding in the song
of symphony played sweet and strong

Copyright 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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