Symphony of Silence

I wade into
the river of all being
seeking just to be
all that I am

At first I feel
a chill that seems to rise
from a base of utter innocence
that transcends itself
in utter incandescence
beyond the realms
of even make-believe

as if I were a crystal being struck
by just one ray of purest light
as this night unfolds itself again
uttering the silence
of the world of meant to be

I sink into this silence
that even now runs free
seeking just to be this flow
of natural affinity
yet seem to find myself alone
within an utterance of darkness
that weeps e'en as it speaks
of brighter days

when the earth was young
and flowed into itself unpurged
within the glory of her innocence
opening completely
to the warmth of vibrant rays
of sun on high
completing and deleting
every notion of a singularity
within the realms of
what could be it all

if only we just take a chance
and dive to unknown depths
beyond those borders
of all regularity
and sink again into
the deep of silent symphonies
that sing into the being
of it all . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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