Systems Integration

Systems down
and light responds
in intimate embrace
flowing slowly with the grace
of beauty's evolution
as programs are just slightly altered
and love begins to sing right through
these wires of extraordinary
once invisible communication

The net, this internet
that so often speaks the truth beneath
the many frictions of our lives
has come to stay
as blindly, people seek to find a way
to make a culture's alibis
back into the truth yet once again

and emotions stream o'er wires alive
with so much more than electricity
while still we seek
to live the dream that matters
for we must find a way to integrate
these living systems of ideals
into the truth of form becoming real
within a deep awareness
of the essence of the unity we are

as stars in cosmic power
designate the date, the hour
when at last we move
into awareness of eternity
within one seeming transient
yet utterly significant
pure moment of true life
in mortal form . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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