Can we speak freely
just for once
of a topic few will dare
to even allow into awareness?

The subject is taboo
and incest is the how and why and who
we must discuss for once out loud
and certainly at length

Can we love another fully
yet not love the child inside
or the very flesh from which
we come to be?

The one submerged in shadows
that once served as if a shield
against the many blows
of sexual attitudes of secrecy

The other a defensive weapon
long ago abandoned by the heart
yet too, leaving heart abandoned
in this age where reason
has assumed propriety

On the one hand, we have freedom
while on the other, just responsibility
until it's hard to tell just where
our true responsibility might lie
for what we're taught of destiny
is just a patterned lie

invention of the greater tides
of gross humanity
raw and unrefined
reaching with the mind
and through the soul
to find the truth

yet our true destiny
is the one responsibility
we must define
and then allow to come to be
no matter what the others say or do

Not to rebel, oh no
but just to love
and hold our love above
the creeds of culture
and a society of vultures
that would come to pick the bones
of every love that died
within the dry and volatile
arid waste of mind alone
that teaches that it is taboo
to love

not to take advantage of
nor force ourselves upon
another for the sake of power
or simply base release
oh no, all this must cease
and we cannot reach
for merely pleasured lust
but these things
were never really love at all

and we can come to love
the child inside ourselves
complete as our heart beats
each moment of experience
into a loving being
this childlike place
where loving grace
still flows

and it is when we come to feel
this love
that we to come to find ourselves
complete and flowing free
in a harmony of ecstasy
within the springtime meadows
of hearts that beat
the rhythm of this flesh
and form to life . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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