Taking It Back To Love

We begin in love
yet time and time again
the world will intrude upon
the paradise we come to know
within each other
as we uncover all the threads
of who we are

Individual and free
yet too, a part of all humanity
like circles within circles
when rocks are tossed
into a silent pond
and ripples move into
such silent waves
that melt into the shore

and even more than this
for at times we need
to move beyond the past
and take the time
to mourn the loss
of all the love
that did not seem last

Sorrow comes
and tears are shed
anger then is bled from us
beyond our want or will
for still we must somehow
fulfill this life
we have been graced with
and so freely given

while the best of times is this
when in absence
of all time and space
and other beings that intrude
upon this love we know to be
we find the grace to truly be
and take the time and energy
to bring it back to love again
and thus we keep expanding
on this love evolving life

At times, it must be slow
just a tiny step at a time
but when release is found
our spirits circle round
dancing with the wind
in sheer delight again
loving even this, all loss
that frees us then to gain
in other ways

perhaps within fond memories
of love that came before
and then again in dreams
of future calling
yet the best of every time remains
the love we feel
within our hearts right now . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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