Tapestry of Life

We are variables
in a kaleidoscope of life
points of unknown origin
in a multivariance of choice

Each person that we meet will change
as opening, will we
while patterns pulse and rearrange
in an image of life's tapestry

Our world is an exclamation
each movement grows into a score
of music played in exaltation
for life requires more

than static equilibrium
or a balance of extremes
it lives in multi-rhythms
in a harmony that streams

becoming matter being born
and energy becomes a form
of all of what we've been or know
in a multi-colored glow

like a nimbus of pure starlight streaming
vectors crossing, patterns weaving
a tapestry of living light
that shines through all of life

glimmering within the sky
and here, upon a mountain high
or reflecting through the waters of the sea
a moving, changing constancy

in quality of life becomes
a music that will hum
in endless songs as voice to voice
pure harmony becomes a choice

for within this wondrous atmosphere
so many truths of life are clear
as Ariadne spins her thread
and flowers grow within earth's bed

a web of life in constant motion
like waves that grow in swells of ocean
a mystic moment's symphony
a song of life's epiphany

Life is a process, life is a flow
of particles and waves that grow
in consistency of pure coherence
a quality of luminescence

as the push and pull, the stress and strife
become our dance of life

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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