The Beauty of It All

Some say that love is of the heart
and seek to keep it there
yet love is so much more than this
for heartbeats echo through
all of existence

while the feel of flesh must be
each particle of our reality
adhering with such loving grace
that angels move
within and through all time
and space becomes
mere nursery rhymes
conceived to ease a mind
of every insecurity

yet growth decrees
this ever-living mystery of love
become the movement of
a transcendental inspiration
demanding we remove
the misty veils of untruth
to simply drift within
sensation's evolution

centered now
within the heart of all that matters
as the past explodes and shatters
back into a brand new order
of the form of our existence
forever recreating life
within this magic of delight

that spans the vast endurance
of the birth of all mortality
while infinity responds
and silent echoes now rebound
rejoicing in the beauty
of it all . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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