The Best and Worst

The best is oh, so easy to receive
love - full-formed and streaming
from the dream of life itself
while the worst can sting and wound
and even break a heart to bits

It's as if we stand upon a step
not quite sure where we belong
Do the answers lie within ascent alone?
Or could it be
that before we are allowed another step
we must reach back in descent
to clasp another hand that reaches
for its home?

Balanced, always balancing it all
How far to reach?
In which direction?
Which hands among the millions
shall we hold?

Do we really have the choice
to stand alone?
when we have grown and moved
as every other form
from the base of earth itself
to find what truly matters
is within the very cells composing
this mattered flesh of form
forever being born again
not just to time and space
but in flows of grace
and even death's transcendence

Can we direct the flows by mind alone?
of every particle that moves
throughout these systems
and patterns we have grown to be
Can mind itself, in solitary attitudes
withstand the tests of time and space?
even as the earth itself has done
through infinite millenniums
of evolution

Real and dense
she lives and breathes
as she feels and co-creates
a natural magnificence
in her most intimate relationship
to the sun that shines somehow above
and yet within her cyclic spins
whose rays move in and through
her revolutions and her form

Rays reaching down to touch
the heart, the core of earth itself
that in its turn releases
and arises yet again transformed
recreated, recreating
yet another form
to live and love and stand between
these flows of living energy
composed of all extremities

Yet standing, still, upon the plains
bending, as the wild grasses bend
in soft and silky summer breezes
retreating when the cold winds
blow the hope of life and growth away
to yet another place and zone
seeking a degree of warmth
that heals instead of smothers
as a flight too close to sun's intensity
would surely do

What shall we choose
to make of all of this?
when too much heat
too densely packed explodes
like a volcano that exposes
too much heat
for even earth to ease
its passage without pain

so we reach for highest heights
only to find
the icy climbs too much to bear
for the very air begins to freeze
within our lungs
removing precious moisture
so essential to a being's life
and continuance in evolution

Is it we that spin now
in dizzying anticipation of an answer
as mind and matter try to coalesce
their movements in the greater dance
of life?

Or could it be no more than this?
our perspective opening out
reaching once again
for the experience of all
but now - aware and centered
within each particle of flesh and form
as light and dark now come to meet
in flows of universal harmony
to adore and then adorn
this and every morning's song
in one eternal moment
of return . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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