The Best of Me

I wake with a smile in my heart
to hear the birds singing
Innocent, their sounds
of harmony
No want, no need
to drive me or to hasten
the passing of this glorious autumn day

I dreamt last night
of imagined lands
of childhood fascination
Those soft and gentle days
before the power of man got in the way
when children were allowed
to laugh and play
and curiosity was seen as keen

and my body responds
to this loosening of bonds
as if to say, it too
remembers when
a kitten was our friend
and loved us just because
we loved it too
so simple and so true

and the smile in my heart
shines through the bright blue eyes
of the child still found within
who has always been
the very best of me


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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