The Chemistry of Magic

Does this greater love then
focus through an other?
as through a living, breathing lens
or could it be another variation?
playing in the mind of one
who has traveled paths
unknown to other hearts?

Paths at times, so sure and straight
that his vision seemed a purity
of visions that had spanned
the ancient, ever-living times
and mind of man
yet still awaiting
now, in seeming patience
a form, idealized

of feminine in all its potency
growing in abasement and in awe
of a vast subliminality
through years of lone and solitary
yet somehow still confined
intuition and imagination
that so easily
can overpower a mind

while questions
still unanswered
rose in mystery
to haunt his waking hours
within some power born
of his expectancy
that brought this excitation
back again into his life

Was love an overpowering joy
or the depth of deep depression?
Did it begin or end within
these under/over-powering desires?

And so, these chemicals
of elemental magic
yet once again began
their transformation

Their, within the vas
of his own form . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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