The Cliff's Edge

I see you standing there
at the edge of the cliff
and feel that any minor shift
might send you tumbling
down into the sea

I hear the sirens call to you
in deliriously tempting voices
and your body stiffens
as you will yourself to stay
standing strong
even against the might
of the wind surges o'er the sea

I add my will to yours
but what more can I do?
for I am helpless
to stop you from falling
if to fall is what
you choose to do

Even as I call your name
the wind carries it away
while the sirens circle round
tease and tempt
and I see you losing ground

I know that if you lose
this inner battle being waged
some part of me will be lost too
yet all that I can do
is pray you find your way back home
to me


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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