Upon the Brink

Teetering in dizziness
a steadiness arose
flowing through
the soles and soul of me
as the earth somehow arose
and steadied me
winds rising to encourage me
to just go on

and so I moved
one foot and then the other
upon this path I tread
that led through vales
of loneliness and pain

But oh, the peaks
as courage thus arose
and carried on
in patterns spun
within and of her sentient being

Powerful, the feel
of earth in her vitality
newborn in each complexity
yet simplified somehow
as this power now arose
and sun descended
o'er the rim of mountain's ranging
to the west

and in this vale, I slept
to dream vast dreams
of her imagining
where fear and wonder
balanced each extreme
to become a mind's imagining
and more

when, in seemingly no time at all
the sun awoke
even in this misty valley
through which the ancient gods still roam
Intense, the power that seeks to know
pure ecstasy within the feel
of form's sensation

I felt suspended then
upon a verge
subliminal, this urge to yet move on
to reach yet one more peak
and live to speak of this exuberance
enhanced somehow
as if a feeling rose and yet descended
all at once

Was it inner then or outer
this experience of life?

Conscious now on multi-levels
the dream of earth moved on
by and with and of one form
that dared to reach once more
for yet another peak
of pure and pristine beauty calling

and so this body rose
to greater heights
than mind alone can ever reach
as it teetered
and then held upon the brink
of yet another mountain peak

Just here
seemingly so razor sharp
with a quickening and then a start
a cosmic unity took hold of life
as consciousness expanded

Just here
upon the rise
where earth and sky
touched upon the brink
and became one


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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