The Color Blue

The color blue
oh soothing touch of sunlit skies;
we reach, we stretch, we cry
for all that is just out of reach,
e'en as a breeze so softly whispers
held and touched by every cell of flesh.

Breathe, and then receive its meaning;
currents streaming through all that we are
enabling these dreams to stream
into reality of loving form
that seeks no more than to be born
through us.

Blue, the strength of new beginnings
blending endlessly within the hues
of a vast imagination that reveals
a tapestry unfolding as it steals its way
into the waking dreams
we try to live in understanding.

Demanding our attention
in a state that seems no more
than just suspended animation;
waiting for the spring to come again
when beyond a rainbow bend
all warmth awaits us to arrive
and sing a lullaby of heart and soul.

To tease another step into
the blue of strength and clarity,
where sun and breeze surrender
to clouds that seem unending,
yet simply seek a satin silkiness
of moisture that becomes the feel
of flowing free, within a unity
at one with streams of all eternity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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