The Dawn of This Millennium

The millennium dawns
and fear, first shared
and then transcended
becomes a gentle glow
of rose and golden tinted hues
amid the many blends of blue
that color all of life

and the color of love
flows through the world
into the very atmosphere
and more
its vibration moving out
to touch the whole
of universal being
yet at the same time
somehow freeing
something very personal

Intricate, this net of life
now bringing ecstasy
into the light of all awareness

Hush now, can you hear
the harmony of melodies
now being born?

Gentle now
as with a babe in arms
we must nurture every precious seed
of this creation

and at night, create the time
to sing a sweet and gentle lullaby
of safety and of trust
that reconnects each one of us
within the starry skies
of all tomorrows

for the stars still shine
within and with us
even in our daytime enterprise
while quietly, the heart so wise
still beats eternal rhythms
of creation


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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