The Death of a Relationship

Complex, the ties that bind
unseen within
the mind and heart and soul
Emotional and more
what lies behind the door
of our awareness

but these eyes
so blind at first
can finally see
the lies behind the mimicry
of all we tried to be

for in the end
beyond the shields of disguise
the lies and alibis must come to light
and as once again I take to flight
within this sky's infinity

how clearly now I see
the masks we wore
and how the pain I bore
was never mine
before the time
of your arrival

and while I mourn the death
of this relationship
the pain released
can finally cease its inward course
for your feelings of remorse
were never mine to bear

not here within the whole
as love once again unfolds
and I become aware
of all the care my soul has given
in seeking truth no longer hidden
beneath the lies and alibis
to which you cling

while in remembering
the love of our beginning
I find the truth I seek
is still alive
for heart and soul are wise
and know the needs of death
within relationships that stray
from love


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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