The Depths

where does it really lie
in the complexity
of our relationships?

Is it in the words we speak
or the actions we take
or in emotions that we feel
and love we share
as we dream these dreams together?

Time and time again, I've found
it really comes to this
that responsibility is ours
at each and every level
of existence

and those levels run
so deep and high and wide
that ever do we seek
to comprehend
even here within
the whirl and spin
of our emotions

while no matter the distance
no matter how far
we walk upon this path to truth
we shall continue to find
the path never-ending

for life is eternal
and we are life itself
unfolding in time and in form

Life searching and seeking
for awareness itself
right here within
the whirl and spin
of all we are
mere particles
within the waves
of all creation


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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