The Difference

What would the difference be
if I had allowed you
to visit me here
last year
when all this pain
kept you at bay?

None, my intuition says
for you would have only found
the ammunition
for the endless criticism
you incurred

as you judged me yet again
instead of loving me
for who I am

You said you gave
your heart and soul to me
but don't you see?
what you really gave
was all the pain
you didn't want to feel

You asked me why
I do this to myself
The answer is, I don't

for love is not a choice
real love becomes a voice
of utter honesty

when to think, to feel, to be
all come together, flowing free
through time

Life is so much more than merely mind
as emotions encountered ascend
through the heart and the mind just when
we allow ourselves release
and find that inner peace

comes with the letting go
of all we've come to know
of love, of loss, of gain
even letting go the pain

of who we were and are
as spirit flies so far
that we see it all within the distance
as the energy of life will dance

in sunlight here, upon the pond
for all of life is built upon
love all-inclusive, unconditional
that dies when mind becomes a wall

to keep the world at bay
while childishly you played
mind's games within my heart
but hindsight now imparts

a wisdom keen
for the dream I dream
is so much more
than you ever dared to see
and now I know

so much more of what it means to be
free and independent of
your judged and preconditioned love

for I know how to fly
through endless skies
of mind's release
in joy and childlike glee

that allows each soul to be
their own potential portal to
an endless and eternal view
of all that is

and I will tell you this
I wouldn't trade my life
for ten of yours
for your life will end in hours

full of the pain of your denial
while mine will carry on
in the eternity that's built upon
true love . . .


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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