The Dream

I searched inside myself to find
the answers that bring peace of mind
and words began to flow...

Our souls have touched -
I want to explore every aspect of that,
spend quality time alone with you - talking,
becoming even more comfortable in your presence,
and you in mine.

I want it to develop at it’s own pace,
so that our first experience together
will come naturally
I want it to be caring.
and gentle at first,
and honest always,
and sensual ,
and passionate,
and hard at times,
yet very, very real.

I want it to be two wholes that meet, and join,
and intermesh, and move closer,
and then further away when we need to.
And I want it to be mutual,
in every way possible -
yet independent in every way possible.

I think age is meaningless
because our souls are both old souls,
while our spirits are both
continually recreating themselves.

I think society’s version of commitment is too narrow.
I think love lasts forever
even if two people feel a need
to part and travel separate paths sometimes.
I think that even then,
I wouldn’t want to pass up
an opportunity of experiencing it.

I think this must be a time of discovery,
and wonder,
and pleasure,
scattered over our everyday lives

I think a lot of very limited people
will marvel at what we are doing,
and perhaps become jealous,
or disapproving or angry.

I think there may even be a few
who would try to stop us.
Right now I cannot be concerned
with what other people think...

all I know is what I am feeling...
and that the world would be a better place
if we were in it together...

? Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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