The Feel of Life

the feel of life abounding
as spring is arising once again
known by the feel of energy
that seems to seep somehow
from pores of earth
that choose to open out

Free-flowing and essential
loving and yet reverential
arousing in its repetitious grooves
and thus the earth's awareness moves
through everything

for what is touch
if not the feel
of energy becoming real . . . ?
blending and evolving
harmonizing and resounding
in waves of particles that flow
through all that is and ever will become

We dream such dreams
in this reality imagining
its pure potential

Then the question must become just this:
Can dreams remain
divided and thus separated
apart and never integrated
as if divorced
from the basic and the basis of all life?

Dreams - symbolic in their imagery
invisible and misconceived
these blueprints of antiquity
primordial in their savagery
yet universal all the same

alpha and omega
center and circumference
and oh, the thrill
of all that's in between

as past and future come to be
no more than this imagining
of dreams into a form
that we think of as reality


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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