The Feel of True

They seem to think
I have the answers
to everything they need to know
for I am the only parent
that they ever knew

I don't wish to disappoint them
but if the truth be told
my life was put on hold
because this love of them
was too important to let go

Don't get me wrong
even now I know the need
for someone who knows more
of life than I
and I know this seed
of love's entirety
passes through
from me to you
and back again

but please don't be deceived
by the many roles I've played
for still, I'm only human
after all is said and done

and I have not come upon
a solution that would master
every problem life in time
seems to accrue

and please believe
I sought and still I seek
for just such answers
that might ease all incongruity
and on into the future
that we cast upon the winds

and know that now
in this unending search of mine
the time has come to tell you
that every answer leads back to
this love we feel as true

from now until forever
reaching back into the past
in memories no longer there
to be concealed

for every moment passing
and since passed
holds a seed in memory
of love in motion

and it must be our task
to ensure the survival
of every loving moment
ever lived . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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