The Greatest Healing

Love is the greatest healing of all
Its power immense yet contained
within an endless variation
of sound and sight and touch
of senses reeling
within this feeling
of beauty brought to life

free-flowing through each heart
that opens to the endless view
of all tomorrows beckoning
life to live itself
to the highest degree
within its harmony
of sweet surrender

Feel it as your heart beats true
Now nothing else will do
except this purity of love unfolding
this quality of life now holding
each of us within its arms

Love is a state of being
quite distinct from any other
equalizing, balancing
toning and enhancing
protecting and embodying
every moment that we dare
live in its thrall

for love is all
and it is everything

Love is
the greatest healing
of all


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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