The Happening

 Gloomy Days
 Fantastically Reduced
 Stole the Breath
Unholy Trinity
Quarter Moon
'Neath The Garden
Violent Events
The Sowing of the Seed
 Out of Sync
The Greatest Misery
 Much More
 To Nothingness
 The God Game
 It Lingers
 Another View
 Twist and Turn
 Crazy Weather
Mask of Mind
Began Again
 Deity of Truth
 Something Is Coming
 High and Dry
 Splitting Adams
 It Fell Again
 Delusion and Illusion
 To See Much More
 Nothing Matters
 Many Things
 Rings of Power
 Extremity of Right
 Strung Out
 Before the Terror
 Into Unity
 Damp Chill
 Here With Me
 The Fear
 Must Follow
Turned To
 Hidden in the Imagery
Blurring the Borders
The Great Unknown
 Back to the Mists
 Never Real At All
 The Murder of Love's Need
 In You
 Dream into Reality
 Feel As Real
 Realm of Numbers
 The Happening
 Within Our History
 The Tame and Innocent
 State of the Art
Let It Happen
 Life Goes On
 The Midnight Sky
 Nature's Magic
 Will It Ever...?
 The Games Go On
 The Walls
 Of Equality
 Beckoning Again
 Another Era
 Dark Side of the Moon
 Holding Hands Again
 Candles Flame
 Tinged with Aftertaste
 Shadows of Fear
Shattered Lives
 Turning Into
Of Experience
 Slice of Hell
It Didn't Have To Be
Standing Back
Fade Away
 Lack of Affection
 Secrets Flashing
Happening Again
The Cost
 Of Gentleness
 Great Exposure
The Nightmare Comes Alive
The Many Ills
What Lives Here Now...?
Not an Easy Thing
 Big Brother
 Carry On
 Contemplating Emptiness
 The Lion Roars
 State of the Union
 He Once Knew
 Modern Sensations
 Must Live On
 Inlaid Velvet
 Reach Until You Touch
 Spent on Make-Believe
 Epitome of Insurrection
 Up From Depression
 Another Paradox
 Transcends Itself
 Terrorists - Amid the Shock
 Oceanic Depths

 Take Me Home...
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All Rights Reserved