The In Between

 These Very Human Eyes
 All That Lies Between
Streaming Through
 So Together
 Never Truly Sleeps
 Awaiting a Miracle
 Mystic Blue
 So Long
 Brought To Be
 These Things
 Life's Syllabus
 Echo of Everything
 To the Core
 Litigious Attitudes
 Tones of Touch
 Eternally to Form
 Spirit of Revival
 From Deep Within
 Silence of All Being
 In Expectation
 One Breath
 In Tones
 Polar Opposites
 Angel in Black
 Unknown Reaches
 To Carry On
 Animal Nature
 We Bless
 To Stand
 Holding You
 This Flesh
 This Realm of Time
  The Hour
 An Interlude
 Floating In Between
 The Singer
 Our Very Own Unknown
 Golden Hair
 Transient Emotions
 So Many Moments
 Just His Eyes
 Lost Between
 Emotive Energy
 What's Inside
 The Implications
 Birthday Girl
 Let's Party Tonight
 To Lead
Behind the Power
 Swell of Ecstasy
 Family Insanity
 Touch of Empathy
 Waking Sleep
 The Part We Play
 Silken Threads
 Silky Soft
 Creating Rainbows
 Another Level
 The Magic of Love
 Within This Distance
 Seem Mine
 To Unity Again
 Something Rising
 Love Alone
 Healing Sleep
 Night To Day
 Unknown States
  Into the Deep of Indigo
 In Between
 Verging on a Harmony
 Eagles Fly
 All Our Healing
 Turning Inside Out
 Her Voice
 Itself In Form
 The Dolphin
 At Odds
 Where Instincts Wait
 She Paints
 Gentle Eyes
 Of the Past
 Flickering Flames
 Dawn's Arrival
 Pure Soliloquy
 Something Is Coming
 To Love Return
 Startling Soul
 Destination Unknown
 Became Himself
 Mind Unbound
 Stars Were Made
 Sense of Light
 Cloudy Clarity
 Emotive Transformation
 Beyond All Measure
 Most of All
 So Strange
In Me
 Into the Mirror
 Who Loves
 No One Here
 What Used To Be
 To Set Us Free
 Love's Survival
 The Day

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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