The Inner Essence

In a casket in the earth
within the darkest void
No air to breathe
No light to see
and a new world dawns
in the inner me
within the deepest depths
of some eternal sea
Is this what they call eternity?

Unending waves of darkness
black upon black
yet velveteen
The waters are warm
moving yet calm
deep yet unpressured

A whale seems to spout the light
as a geyser of brightness breaks
ascending and descending
to fulfill its prophecy
building in intensity
until I see a formless form
illuminating darkest night
a flame, a gem
a consciousness with meaning
and in a whisper of the wind
it calls to me
beckoning my lost and lonely soul
with the warmth of its flickering flame

To Hades I journeyed to find this light
while with hopelessness, all fear was lost
dispersed like rays of sun upon the earth
immersed, a feeling of rebirth
arises in my being

And a flame in the center
creates a ring of dancing flames
extending in rays all around it
yet too, as if held high
by a transparent wall of fire
seeking exposure in iridescent colors
White to yellow to orange
and then the pink and indigo
join purple in cerullean blues
of past becoming future's birth

Just there, just then
within a state
of expectant curiosity
a face takes form
within these flames
gray-haired and kind
robed in velvet - red and white
Is he a king?
And I see this flame
arising from his chest
as if the center were the crown
that spread his glory all around

While here
within this waking dream
he lays his hand upon my shoulder
and blows all pre-formed images away
They somehow seem to dissipate
into showers of living light
and in their wake
his glory trails
as with a sweeping, regal gesture of his hand
a new vision is created
feminine in form
gripping a white stallion's horn
as swiftly, they move on

Her white gown flows
within the wind created
and sparks of gold
arise where hooves meet ground

Is this a shadow woman then
or perhaps my soul imagining
what I might come to be?
Hair streaming in the wind
wild and free, but then
purposeful and unafraid
as if within the distance she perceives
her destination and her destiny

and I swear that I discern
a horde of others following
this dream she lives to dream
but to where . . . ?


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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