The Lady of the Lake

The magic and the mystery
are found within, my friend
within the very particles that spin
the patterns of our life and form

Crystal towers, in symmetry
stand beside the open gates
where any ray or particle of light
can open up and show the way
to Avalon

for the Lady of the Lake
is seeking now
to greet the new sun rising
in the dawn of this millennium

Tremulous and with great awe
waves of air will tremble
as she calls for us to heed
her magic and her mystery

for the time has come
of mystery undone
that she might join at last
in utter clarity with light

expanding now and reaching out
as each and every drop of moisture
that makes her shiver in the wind
gently now
with sunlight's distant warmth
becomes a rainbow circling
the full-formed round of earth itself

It seems the time has come
for the feminine to have her say
as she rises in equality
for all to see

and dares unveil
the strength of unity
found only in the relativity
and intimate relations
of all seeming opposites

now she simply waits
for his most intimate arrival . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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