The Last Time

On the day of her departure
for an hour or more
they lay side by side
and just held each other
breathing in the other's breath
their soul, their essence

This memory must last forever
for it would never come again
Never saying it aloud
yet still
they both knew it to be so

Never again would they know
this completeness
this flow of soul into soul
so free and unobstructed

They looked into each other's eyes
wanting to memorize the sight
the depth
the resonating chords of harmony created
in these moments of their togetherness

and time moved on

He walked her to the terminal
(fitting word this time - terminal)
and as they waited
for her flight to be called
they stood as close as possible
holding hands
never wanting to let go

but time moved on
as time has a way of doing
and as suddenly as it was expected
it was time for her to leave

Never had a step been so hard to take
never a movement more painful
than that step she took away from him
but decisions had been made
that could no longer be altered
and what could be said
was said and done

and so it was
that somehow she found the strength
to turn and walk away
a haze of tears the veil
that kept her from seeing
the matching tears within his eyes

and her soul was torn in two that day
as her heart and soul just flew away
from him
yet it seems that time will never dim
the pain

How poignant such moments can be
How bittersweet the memory
of you…


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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