The Magic of Love

Prophets speak in tongues
not meant to be an understanding
but mere preliminary dreams
of all that is to come to be
within the halls of mind's remembering
that rise to fall within our open spaces
and the walls that seem
to close them in

Yet love is known to be
a pure reopening of all
the many spaces, places
known in time
for love reminds us
of thoseancient streams
meandering without a care
or thought for what the morrow
might or might not bring to be

Where sorrow sometimes dwells
forever spent in streams
that feed the seeds
of future forming
even as our rage burns out
within the great desire
of all meaning
that needs no more
than just to be itself
expressing every flow
of this magic that still glows
in azure heights
and molten depths

To live and breathe
become the dream
of this magic of love
that ever flows
in hearts' imagining
seeking just to be
itself again . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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