The Maze

 Fading Mists
 Sexual Insanity
 Acting Out
 Away From Them
 Shadowed Solitude
 And So...
 Unity of Love
 More and Less
 Alien Presence
 This Healing
 Beginning to End
 Shadow Dark
 Another Way
 Crashing Waves
 Out of Reach
 One Cry
 Everything Has Changed
 Breaking Free
 The Center
 We Can
 Must Be Heard
 To Love Eternity
 Perplexing Verity
 A Taste of Love
 Of the Moon
 Rejection and Dispersion
 Sirens Scream
 Of the Mountain
 Into Relationship
 Just Her and Him
 No Options Left
 To Choose
 Upon the Truth
 That He Created
 Warlock's Spell
 Everlasting Love
 Beyond the Pain
The Power
 To Love
 Creative Mystery
 To Keep Him Warm
 Primitive Instinct
 Emotive Energy
 Througout Eternity
 What He Thought
 Ask Yourself
 Conceives Itself
 Some Day
 Forbidden Fruit
 Dynamic Patterns
 In the Air
 Grace & Glory
 Mystic Sun
 He Moved Himself
 Swelling Deeply
 Cold and Vaporous
 Reflecting Reflections
  Beyond Balance
 Delayed Reaction
 Life Gone Wrong
 Both In and Out
 Left Behind
 How Strange
 Dream Away
 Too Little and Too Late
 The Heat Is High
 The Sham
 The Thirteenth Hour
 Endless Journey
 Ghost Lover
 Imminent Image
 Against Yourself
 We Choose
 The Games People Play
 Dream of Time
 Electronic Transmissions
 The Interview
 Love Is Born
 Coming Out
 Show Themselves
 Within the Make-Believe
 There Are Words
 Too Busy
 Redeemed Again
 Falling All Apart
 Quality of Soul

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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