Tomorrow is a theme
of mind's meandering
All we really ever have
is now
to make the plans
that might expand
into reality of form

Love is real
and so the feel
of passing in and out
through ever-changing stages
that seem to play us all about
blowing us through scheme's
of each imagination's dream

to find that true connection lies
just in between
beyond what mind alone
can comprehend
deeper than the deepest wells
that bring the oceanic swells to life
higher than the stars and planets
orbiting the source of all creation

while, in between, is found
the breadth and breath
of windchimes ever circling out
in vibrations endless variations
playing tones of sweet simplicity
and blending all the many notes
of possibility

The choice is truly ours
what song we choose to sing
and the gift of life
too short to just ignore
this symphony of love
that lives and grows
just in between
tomorrow and the yesterdays
we lived

yet now is forever
if we open up and see
colors swirling and combining
ever forming new creations
of this love's infinity

Love, the only theme
that really matters . . .


Copyright© 2000Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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