The Morning Dew

The positive, in its extreme
sometimes reaches
for the nightmare dreams
of its very own negation
but not to create fear
for love is always drawing near
and with this love
a sense of our totality

while, in truth, the mare of night
is composed of whitest light
a conjunction of the many
varied hues of all existence
held within the balance
of a source that seems to be
incomprehensible to mind alone

while there, upon its brow
it has grown a golden horn
spiraling in metallic multi-hues
that seek to be reborn
in each of us

a study to be contemplated
within and then without
the insurrection and the resurrection
of the magic that society is built upon

and so we must reach deep
to find the white of canvas
pure and clear
just looking back
a white that holds the all
and everything within itself

while drawing from
still deeper wells within
where art is truly born
while visions of eternity
reach that we might give them form

so still, within this age of gross reality
we must allow the make-believe
its time of life
for fairytales do come true

just seek within the morning dew
as it is touched with just one ray of sun
and beams this light of everything
in rainbow colors, searching
for the meaning of it all

if you truly wish
to know the all
and everything
that is . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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