The Motion in Between

Is it pleasure that we seek?
amid a world seen in shades of gray
where gaiety becomes the play
of no more than sexual appeal
raw power that seeks release
without our understanding

when all the bright and pastel hues
are found between
the black and white of day and night
and cold and hot become a warmth
here, between the gross extremes
of the making of a mind

We seek a resolution
yet in this very resolution
the turht behind the meaning
seeks escape from mind's unmaking
until we dare become aware
of nature's cyclic flows
and the emotive power
that grows to ecstasy

We are born and free to die
but life is all that happens
in the motion in between
this day and night of dreams
as soul takes part
from a base of heart
that's centered in the rhythm
of the motion in between


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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