The Other Side

The tables turn
The tide goes out
A fire burns
A different route

is taken and the flow reverses
pulled out by the tide
while at her breast, a child nurses
and she drifts unto the other side

into the mists of magic's making
where mystery and power dwell
she trembles, for his soul is waking
Is it heaven or is it hell.?

that waits upon the distant shore
seen as shadows in the mist
in a place called Evermore
then gently is her spirit kissed

and held within a greater love
than man alone could know
in every mystic moment of
the balance of the high and low

as earth and air, and water blend
in rays of sun so bright
so god and goddess will suspend
the darkness of the night

when love is nigh
and a chld sighs
in sweet contentment


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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