The Other Side of Light

Where does all the light come from . . . ?
the moon, the stars, the brilliant sun
if not from the beyond
beyond the scope of mortal eye to see
beyond the point of light's extremity
deep, the dark found there upon
the other side of light that's spun
eternally in wells where darkness dwells

Down to ocean's depth they dove
to submerge themselves in inky blackness
mesmerized within this stage
of every waves' beginning
as tides of motion rose and fell
seemingly unaltered by their prescient attitudes
for here they felt, and nothing more than this
and feeling became echoes of sensation
a moist yet relevant reverberation
processed indivisibly, yet still affected
by a single beam of light that flares to life
as oceanic vision takes to flight

Dark, the clouds, as they take flight
to soar through heights of gloomy gray
breathing moisture in and out again
moisture less the pressures of the deep
while there upon the plains
a black rose blooms
in counterpoint to golden light
centered in the birth of lotus white
while here between
the white and black of all extremes
we find another opening into eternity

Looking up, they see the stars and constellations
whirling in rotation, grandly dancing through the air
yet looking back, to where they used to be
they see all other patterns opening out
for every angle, every focus brings another view
to this one point, inlight of all awareness
but who directs these scenes of life
as they are played upon this stage of vast creation?
with a spotlight on the stars
that beams and then refocuses the light

Who observes, behind the spotlight
from the shadows reaching out to be aware?
The director and the play-write
and the audience are there
seeking to observe and come to know a work of art
in the motion of its composition
gathering together for the many, just a few
insightful images that might imbue
all mind with yet another understanding

as the you of you becomes the eye of I
sitting back, relaxed, and merely watching
able now to recognize the variations
to take or leave at our discretion
yet the whole is still a facet of ourselves
within this holographic universe
through which each part is played

We are ourselves, unique and individual
and yet all else becomes aware
as we accept each facet
and finally come to understand
that light and darkness
now demand equality
in life and time
through all of space
to equalize
what lives inside us all . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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