The Panther

Sleek and black and strong
the panther prowls
hunting and haunting
the darkness of night
blending in blackness
of velvet delight

Supple strength
flows through his veins
while the quiet beat
of heart remains
to echo in his ears

yet a bright light shines
clearly there, within his eyes
and like stars in nighttime skies
he sees it all

In wariness he walks
in utter silence stalks
unknowing prey
within the day
of their unmaking

their flesh and blood
become a flood of strength
throughout his being
even as their death is freeing
soul to fly

yet he never wonders why
it must be so
for in nature he has come to know
the darkness in a night of glory
as he revels in his history
of supple movement

then blends in velvet silence
with the shadows of his night
that never ends


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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