The Rebel

Hiding there, beneath a mask
of collective ambiguity
he peers out at the world
from a distance he considers safe
yet some part of him
refuses to abide
the way he hides

Mysterious, the ways
that one is made to come alive

as cultures and societies
and even branded deities
manipulate by all unspoken
and thus the pure unknown
of expectations
planning even each reaction
to reach its peak just when
the greater system rules
that it is time

yet still, a rebel lies
beyond his hiding place
that roams the vastness
of the distant hills
and speaks with stars
that fill the nighttime skies
waiting for his day to come
to light

a rebel bound to his rebellion
that rides him like a stallion
running proud and deep
hooves beating paths
into the ground of all he is

and this rebel of a devil thus denied
will ever ride unconscious paths
until he finds his destination
there, within awareness
of this man

Mysterious, the ways
that one is made to come alive


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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