The Second Coming

I was but a child
being taught all forms
of love's denial
when my spirit rose to tell
me tales beyond the hell
of mankind's making
and I felt a fear and terror
shaking faith
that all might condescend
to men more powerful
than one alone could ever be
(or so we're taught
by those whose thought
is limited by time)

Small, the shape and size
of heart so wise that sees
the flows in patterns
built within the history
of glory minus love
(yet sad, a voice
that has no choice
but silent acquiescence)

Yet I knew my soul could rise above
the patterns of this time and place
for love's an everlasting grace
that flows within the drones
of mere survival
and so my quest began
for love that would transcend
the greed revered
by those who spread this fear
within these years of life in form
(illusionary fear
that draws so near
the trembling heart)

I waited, as each child waits
within the womb of parents' care
for my soul, so wise
said do not dare just yet
to speak the truth
unveiled now in you
(for in this tiny form
love that shines so perfectly
would surely be destroyed)

so I pretended for a while
as we all do
that I didn't know what spirit knew
confiding only this
a sweet, impassioned kiss
upon the brow
of the mother of all life
(Forgive me now
for I have sinned
within the spin
of other's orbits)

Time went on
a body grew
tall and strong and true
and suddenly, one day I knew
the time had come
to speak the wisdom spun
of spirit and of light
within this night of soul
cast upon the men of earth
by darkness that had grown
(within the solitude
created in belief
of one alone)

and on this day I left behind
the warmth and comfort found
in the security of family creed
as I performed the one and only deed
that fate decreed:
I spoke the truth
(ah, for endless days
of youth and your embrace
when to see your heavenly face
was all I knew)

and I shall never forget
the awe and regret
on the faces of those
old yet never wisened men
or the worry and relief just when
you finally found me there
and thought to bring me home
(yet now you understand
that to heal the ills of man
I had to go)

This step, one step
upon a path that I must tread
to take me past the fear and dread
of endless new beginnings
Faintly now, I heard
the angels singing once again
(and there, my star
still shining from afar
to lead me on)

That night I slept
and dreamed a dream
of all it meant
this honesty of heart
the revolution it would start
but I could not see
not yet
the endless possibilities
that had been born
(within this form
these cells, this flesh
that I called mine)

Slowly then
for time had lost its hold
I followed each and every
bent of soul
returning each and every time
to heart, to love
to moments of
the purest ecstasy
(in youthful zeal
I still believed
that life could be just this
the infinite and endless bliss
of love unfolding)

I found many waiting there
upon this road of all tomorrows
that welcomed and revered the words
that rose now from the depths
of all creation
(and oh, the love expanded then
filling time and space
with living grace
that would embrace us all)

But there were those
who scorned my words
and raged at feelings found
within the deep
that would not keep
their secrets sacrosanct
(and still I feel a sorrow
that they erred
so desperate, as they held within
the magic that their souls would spin
for them)

In compassion and in empathy
I felt the need
born of the very seed
of every fear
and I sought to understand
what would lead a man
to a state of such depravity
(ancient, gnarled tree
born of a particle, a seed
of doubt once born
within the form of mind)

I journeyed deep within
to seek the source of all their pain
as the river of their rage
would course in endless savagery
until one mind perceived
the patterns interweave
that made it so
(endless patterns
light within the dark
yet always is the spark
of soul revealed)

I wandered then
to realms beyond
what man created
seeking answers
only nature holds
(and in beauty I beheld
the birth and death
of every cell)

until I found myself
alone upon a cliff
wherein the source
of pain and death
still ruled the moods
of even nature's storms
a desert, oh so dry
where excruciating heat and cold
assailed my senses
(where then the warmth
and comfort found
within the round
of mother love?)

and there I faced a nemesis
who hurled pain and cruelty
as thunderbolts
seeking to destroy
the very love and joy
that sought it out
(that still believed
a life could be conceived
in opposition)

Lashing out in fiery bolts
of pain that seared the flesh
again and again
as my soul sought to mend
even this
division of the dark and light
within these days and nights
of pain's embrace
(for even this I needed
to weave the patterns
of the wholeness of infinity)

How I longed then
for the storms born in the spring
when everything seems newly born
yet evincing spirit's form
I clung to love
even in these moments of
this fiery pain
enveloping this oh so mortal form
(Ah, sweet release
when pain doth cease
at last)

Yet love held strong
this flesh and soul
in its embrace
and the fires of hell
that raced throughout my being
became a distant hazy mist
of time's unmaking
(even as the quivers shaking
mortal flesh went on and on
until the morn born of release)

A miracle, they said
that I returned
more beautiful than when I'd left
yet even the starkest beauty
can reveal creation's first intent
in all-abiding love
of everything
(even as I faced my death
my spirit would again impress
this truth)

and in truth
love conquers all
for the demons born of mind
will fall at love's arrival
and miracles beyond survival
then are born
beyond illusion's forms
of fearsome might
(even there
within the dark night
of the soul)

then life began in earnest
and my quest had just begun
to spread these truths
of love and light and soul
from within the darkness breeding
even in the minds now feeding
upon the gentle innocence
of all that is
(in this, the evil kiss
of greed unspoken
and hearts once broken
that never were repaired)

Within this form
a thirst was born
and a thought transpired
in entirety of life's desire
to love away each opposition
in even gendered composition
of division
(sweet the heat
of form's desire
for love)

and I found this love of flesh
would intermesh
into the whole
born always of a heart
and mind and soul
and then extended
in completion of it all
(even there
amid our silent desperation
lies completion
in a healing touch of love)

So I lived and so I loved
these days and nights
within this form of flesh
and I felt this loving spread
o'er all the earth
as I gave birth
to spirit's deep desire
(cool and soothing now
the fire that burns

Foreboding came
within a dream
born of those who schemed
of love's demise
and spirit, wise in ways of man
finally revealed the plan
of destiny
(or was it deity
that sought the suffering
of all mankind?)

and I withdrew
to ponder all I knew
and pray to powers
beyond my will
to give me strength
while love upheld the length
and breadth of all I was
(gently, oh so gently
did infinity reveal
the very feel
of love's continuance)

and yet I could not leave
without revealing eternity
to those who still believed
in love, and then in me
in iconed beauty
now revealed in form
yet spirit would devise
a way to share
this love and care
of its eternity with them
(ethereal this final meal
as love revealed itself
in bread and wine)

Then I sought my solitude
in nature's garden
that I might balance even this
the sorrow of the loss
of those beloved
for I couldn't help but know
that before the sun arose
yet one more time
the time would come
of the beginning of an end
(for passion did reveal
the very feel
of its arrival)

It was there
in nature's sweet embrace
on a sultry night that grace
descended in a mighty splendor
allowing me to rise above
the limits that all mind
imposed on love
and I knew the glory of
eternity in mortal form
(for love had been reborn
right here within this flesh
of patterns spun)

and there within
mere time unspun
the agony of love undone
began to lose its hold
and the strength of all the heavens
rose within the fervent prayers
of a heart that sought
the unity of love's entirety
(for what purpose can there be
what meaning in eternity
if not for love?)

The cock crowed once
then twice, then thrice
and thus an agony began
beyond the sphere
of mortal mind to comprehend
yet soul was there
within each cell of flesh revealed
in all its splendor
(for shame cannot exist
within the bliss
of loving form)

Somehow I'd gone beyond
the fear of death
for even flesh
is no more than spirit's form
and it seemed I'd been reborn
so many times, so many ways
and this must be the morn
of one more day
of love's rebirth
(ah, but I love the earth
beneath my feet
and her eternal sustenance)

I surrendered myself
then in the entirety
of a heart that beat
in rhythm with it all
the rise and then the fall
for I heard my spirit call
yet once again
upon the wind that never ends
its ceaseless motion
(what I surrendered to
all through and through
was love, this sweet and
burning fire of desire)

All I knew was this
that I must tread this path
and follow love
wherever it might lead
for the seed of love
had grown somehow
Roots reaching deep into this earth
Limbs towering high above the birth
or death of one alone
(what was the pain of stones
cast there upon the mighty throne
of loving light?)

Then the passion that men call
an agony began in truth
for there were those who would
deny the very youth
of love's continuance in time
and they strove in brutal ways
to destroy the peace of mind
and heart and soul
to shatter and divide the whole
of unity that stood among them
(powerful, the greed
within the need
of fear arising)

I suffered every blow
that all might know
the strength I'd found
as ties that bound this flesh
to heart and soul
cut so deep
the blood began to flow
yet still they saw
the countenance of love
upon my brow
(and still they hungered
for proof of the ineffable
in time)

A crowning touch
the band of thorns
was set upon a brow
of living light
bloody then the sight
of fate unfolding
as tears were bled
from eyes no longer blind
(and I wonder
will they ever find
their way back home?)

It was near the end
of just one night
of my endurance
that their rage
became complete
even there within these hours
of more than mortal agony
for they sought to end
the life of love itself
(cruel, the mind
without the heart

They seemed to seek just then
a great humiliation
as they thought to bring
a love so true to shame
within the blame
they held so dear
yet shame is born of fear
and its illusions
and fear I never knew
(for what is true
is never found
in fear's illusion)

Then it was revealed to me
the very feel
of their deepest, darkest fear
a crucifixion
for they were being torn apart
already in so many ways
and to be whole
my very soul
would need just this
(this agony, this pain
to rise above the misery
that held eternity
away from them)

Accepting all
within the call of spirit guiding
within a love abiding everything
I shouldered even this
the weighted cross
of every loss they never mourned
even as the muscles of this flesh
were torn and stretched
beyond endurance
(yet love endured
what even flesh
cannot abide)

It was here
within this rising tide
of agony that she appeared
her name was Veronica
and within one touch
the feel of so much love
released itself
that it cast a portrait
on her veil
that never would conceal
the love we shared
(I shall never forget
the feeling of bliss
thus bestowed)

Upon the wings of love
beyond my mind's appeal
for swift release
I rose once more
so near to heaven's door
and thus I took each step
for love is free
of agony and pain endured
and the look within her eye
brought endless skies
to mortal form
(so pure, this love
of gendered opposites
within the flesh
of love's creation)

I climbed then in ascent
the hill of Calvary
never feeling the intensity
of pain endured
by those whose love was pure
but did not understand
that even here within this plan
of love's demise
its deity, supreme and wise
lived on
(and still, within these worlds
that spin so endlessly
this love survives)

They nailed me then
with iron that they thought
would never bend
to a cross of wood
never fathoming
that all of nature
within the iron and wood
came to my aid
for deity would pay
the price of even this
their kiss of death
(and forgives them
even now
for their mistakes)

In silence I endured
those hours left to me
for there just at my feet
my truest loves did cry for me
the tears that had been bled
from this poor form
and there within this song
of mourning sung
again I found the love
that would sustain
this form beyond the pain
of mindless gain
(so sweet this love
in moments of
life's agony)

Until at last I came upon
this wish for death
that life had spun
and then with all my being
I cried out unto to the heavens
to release me from the pain
of incarnation
(oh, disparate sound
that can be found
upon their path of agony)

and then the uprush
as a spear of empathy
put an end to all the agony
that time endured
and my spirit was set free
upon the wind's eternity
to seek itself
yet once again in form
(as spirit seeks
so endlessly
eternity within each pattern
woven of its love)

For three days and nights
as measured now by man
my spirit spanned
eternal reaches
seeking for the proof
of ages never ending
and the meaning underlying
all of life
I traveled still upon the path
of love and destiny
(and oh, love's flow
is never ending
and angels do exist
even here within
this mortal form divine)

until the dawn of resurrection
when mortal form in its perfection
came to be on earth
and in eternity at once
while love revealed itself
yet once again in mortal form
as dawn was born
so too, infinity took form
in soul's descent
and love's ascent
(infinite, I bless
each variation
of its form)

So that, even now
in this space beyond imagining
love rings out
and I can say beyond a doubt
that love is real
and this heaven is the feel
of its becoming
(can you hear the peal
of endless golden bells
toll out its tale?)

and I come yet once again
riding on eternal tides
of love's appeal
to tell the tale
of all that's real
in these endless words
now spoken for all time
(in passion and in ecstasy
as these words reveal
the real within this form
of love reborn
again and yet again

(penned by hand of soul
invisible to mortal eye)

12/10/99 (2:40 am)

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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