The Source of All Reality

Flash of Lightning
 Healing Expresion
 To Know You True
 Chalice of Life
 A Healing Tone
 By Another
 A Happenstance
 Of This Earth
 To Be Itself
 In an Incantation
 At the Half
 To Love, A Rose
 Pure Love
 Molecules of Change
 Forever Burning
 Uttered Beat
 Between Two Worlds
 Weaver of Dreams
 Deep in Indigo
 In Silence Found
 To Dream Awake
 Chaos Sings
Suspended Animation
 Thought of Heart
 Poetic Trinity
 Mythic Springs of Being
 Rhythm of Rain
 Motion of Devotion
 Reach and Stretch
 Within the Heart
 Sublime Intent
 Star of Bethlehem
 Night of Day
 Innocence That Knows
 Feel of Reality
 Seeds of Creativity
 Oceanic Depth
 Every Change
 Primal Beat Repeating
 Pure Revelation
 In Love of All
 All That Seems To Be
 As Only One
 Past the Clouds
 The Beauty of It All
 All That Can Be
 Life in Form
 Distant Rays
 Our Totality
 The Realm of Dreams
Realm of Dreams
 Dreams Come True
 Crimson Arousal
 Symbolic Imagery
 Crystal Castles
 Point of Contact
 Twilit Zone
 Deep Vibrations
 Simple and Free
 Where Safety Dwells
 Beyond Your Door
 Return to Dreamtime
 The Dance of Love
 Kiss of Mist
 And So, I Am
 One Point
 As Mists Unfurl
 Eternity of Form
 Through the Moon
 Still, I Am
 Symphony of Silence
Chanting In
 Become Just One
 Love's Creativity
 Never Ending Weave
 Endless Thrills
 Ascending Darkness
 One Man
 Within a Dream
 Crazy Wildflowers
 Each Little Thing
 Flesh on Flesh
 Opening the Dreamworld
 The Moment Now
 And Her
 The Chosen
 Solitary Heart
 A Summer Day
 Sacred Glen
 Just Fell Away

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved]
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