The Task

Ecstasy is never free
Hard-won, those moments of eternity
when love may come unasked
It's then we're set the task

of keeping love alive
perhaps the hardest work
we've ever done
or are ever asked to do

Yet we think that once we've won
a moment's bliss
it will be ours forevermore
no matter who we were before
this loving set us free
and no matter who we wish to be
love changes us within

Commitments of forever
will never come to pass
without a vow
to take each moment as it comes
bending with the howling wind
floating through the streams
that twist and bend
for loving cannot last
without real change

and those who never rearrange
their habits for the sake of love
will simply give those moments of
sweet ecstasy away
for there will always come a day
when attitudes of habit finally
compromise the love away


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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