The Tenth Vibration

Here within the tenth vibration
all is swirling energy
as chaotic swells of color
come to be the everything
that life is based upon

one movement here
as spirit reaches out
can change the course
of worlds spinning out
as artistically it draws
these multi-colored hues
into the truth of shape and form
that speaks, intones
with whispers blown
down through the base
of all reality

One touch
and yet another gentle touch
as one into another
colors blend and stream
within these starlit dreams
of spirit's making

A tremble then
for divinity must enter in
to every great creation
expanding as it grows
that it might know itself
in this ecstasy and excitation
to supply the power of creation
with a word

One word
written now across the skies
and too, within each heart
one word that seems to start
another living galaxy in motion

while within this word's implosion
begins an incantation
whose vibration alters everything
to turn the tenth vibration
to an immortality
composed of love . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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