The Way

The way
walk not in hatred but in love
one day
to find the essence, meaning of

a way that turns in cyclic solitude
and stays in centered silence through the moods
Today, we feel an ancient, sacred pull
away from outer world so very full

of things that tease the mind and please the senses
and bring along a loss that is immense
It waits another cycle, another turn
for fate to catch the rhythm and relearn

the way of movement with the tide of time
that plays a melody; no word, no rhyme
can catch a glimpse of form behind the feeling
We watch the circle, always slowly wheeling

and know enough to quell the heart's desire
that blows the way of wind upon a fire
and grows a bridge across the chasm, gap
that glows, illuming an inner map

that shows the way of love and deepest calm
and flows through us like ancient healing balm
And the way turns round in cyclic solitude
to stay, no matter outer attitude

the way of all the laughter, all the tears
that sway the mood of outer atmosphere
Allowed, it alters every situation
the how behind the hidden reservation

that speaks of wisdom without word or sound
We seek, and find an empty inner round
filled with nothing that the eye can see
willed, its power moves eternity

in ways that seem so simple yet defy
and blaze new paths without a question why

the time we know
a weaving route
to blend and flow

into the way
walk not in hatred but in love
one day
we'll find the essence, meaning of

the way

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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