The White Wolf


He howls at the moon
for it is full tonight
just as he is

One lone wolf
who never followed the pack
nor cared to lead their kind

He howls out his sorrow, pain
growls in rage and then
the loneliness descends

for he had loved her true
the mate he chose so long ago
yet she had chosen to remain
among the pack
and as one
the pack would blame
every loner for their fear and pain

while here, alone
the quiet atmosphere
soothed his lonely soul a bit
while his heart longed
for nothing more than home

Was his honor misguided?
Did denial deceive?
Could he open his heart
once again to receive…?

For his passion had been stirred of late
by scent of female drawing near
yet with his pledge to his first mate
what would he do when she appeared…?

It was not the way of the pack
to love again
They were to mate for life
it was said

yet life could be long
and nights cold and lonely
and he no longer followed the pack
Did he…?


Then her howl pierced the night
breaking through his last defense
and at last, he moved
following her scent
and oh, her scent was good!

As it entered his nostrils
it stirred his blood
and he remembered what it meant
to feel alive
as a new strength flooded his being

and he quickened his pace
Her scent grew stronger still
He must be getting close now
and once again her howl pierced the night
containing all the power of her desire

for she sought her mate
but not in the pack
of which she'd been born


She sensed him there
even before his scent arrived on the wind
and wondered if this might be the one
the mate she might bond with forever

Yet she was wary
for her passion had fooled her before
Would it be different this time?
Would this one stand beside her always
in freedom and in love?
Could he truly leave the pull
of the pack behind?

She howled again
in anguish
for the times it had not been so
when in the end
the pack's mistaken sense of honor
had intruded and torn them from her
Each one had seemed to fade away
at just this point

Yet his scent was growing stronger now
he must be on the move


He saw her then
white shadow against the sky so dark
and the stars within that darkness
seemed to shine brighter
when she howled

Her howl pierced him
for it spoke of all the pain
he held inside himself
and he howled in return

He hesitated then, but why…?
Her vision had caught him
her scent had awakened his desire
yet it seemed he could not move
and he stood frozen there
for what seemed like forever

Instinct pulled him to her
while honor held him back
and a battle raged within his being
as she howled yet again


As the battle raged
the spell was broken
and the moon disappeared
behind a cloud
while the stars seemed to grow dimmer

And he withdrew then
but she did not follow
for the wisdom of her heart was true
and she knew
she could not choose for him

She could only wait
and howl in frustration at the moon
and hope with all her being
that he would return to her
in freedom

Perhaps he would only be
another intrusion
there and gone
like a dream in the night
that awakens desire
yet never becomes real

Would he appear again
in the light of day
when the sun upon the meadows played
its sweet refrain?

Or would the dream of him
symbol of strength and courage
disappear yet once again
at break of day?

She sought the warmth
of a small enclosure
circled in on herself
to keep the night wind at bay

She shivered once
then closed her eyes
and sought the dream…


Copyright© Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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