The World Sleeps

The world sleeps
as I awaken
yet for all that it has taken
it still gives

moments just like this
when the atmosphere
becomes the calm
of deepest night

for those around me
finally sleep to dream
of all that life may mean
within the coming days
of our deliverance from pain

and as they dream
I come to know
the essence of each soul
for in this peace within the whole
each soul shines bright

as here, within the night
pure essence glows
like starlight bright
in a nimbus of delight
and spirit knows
just where we need to go
to find ourselves

as the world sleeps
in dreams so deep
while in awareness
one lone voice
somehow responds
for it has broken from the bonds
of everyday

and while the world sleeps
echoes of the soul will teach
of lasting truth within the night
of spirit's endless flight


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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