They Meet

She smiled and said hello
and all the world came alight for him
as he was drawn into the silence of her eyes
that spoke of more than peace
but too, of an unending space
and stars just being born

Quite suddenly, he took her hand in greeting
awestruck in intensity of meaning
deeper than e'en swells of ancient thought
and felt, quite unexpectedly
a healing warmth that seemed
to bleed from her into his being

A quickening somehow began just then
as lightning swift, pure bursts of wisdom
entered into yet another system of pure being
and it seemed that he became an other
instantly transformed
for love was flowing freely
in that moment, through two forms

Was it shock or awe that held him there?
or something even more than this
that made him want to kiss those lips divine
and come to know the gentleness that drives
a full grown man to suckle once again
upon the breasts of all that is most feminine

and so much of pure experience
that he never even knew he needed
suddenly succeeded
in capturing the focus of his mind
all because she took the time
to smile and say hello . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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