This Ecstasy

Have you ever felt
the pure and uncorrupted pain
of one who loves completely?
that empty, aching yearning
unmasked and undisguised
that melts defenses in the heat
of dream's desire

Many call it innocence
or just a childhood dream
that can never be fulfilled
but those who know and feel
the utter vulnerability
of a truly open heart
will simply smile at them
as they slowly turn away
for love needs no explanation

It simply moves
running deep and clear
filling each and every moment
with unending wonder
as these awesome dreams
are born into reality

Even when the pain descends
it brings it back to heart again
to soothe and heal
each torn and broken thing
mending the eternal tapestries
of life in motion
until its rhythm moves in sync
again with the eternal beat
of all that is

and we
we are love's dream come true
in every moment's clarity
when opening, we come
to know entirely
the purpose and the meaning
of this endless feeling streaming
through our veins

inundating nights and days
with passion that becomes the feel
of all sensation
gathering and then receding
crucifying and redeeming
hot and moist
yet cold and crystal clear
as days become the years
that spin the vast reality
of love's eternal wondering

through life and death
in the stillness between breaths
and then again
within a bliss
of repeated, heated gasps
as we seek and then release
this love through flesh
in fluent, undulating movements
diving just to rise again
as two in one
we descend into ascension

while the deeper we reach
the higher we fly
and the tighter we grasp
the less can we retain
for love flows free
in sync with ocean's silvery waves
to wash each pain away

and its tides are quite invincible
words uttered through a silence
that can never quite conceive
the meaning in these never-ending alterations
yet hearts still beat
desiring no more that to repeat
this ecstasy . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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