This Free

To kiss your cheek and brush
an errant hair from o'er your brow
silently, as sleep reveals your innocence again;
and then to find those lips divine
reaching out and touching mine
knowing I will find just what I need -
the two of us together flowing free
into another episode of pure, unuttered ecstasy
that speaks without a given word
of endless time and spaceless places
anticipating yet another moment of love's grace.

To feel your touch, your warmth, your soul
reaching out to touch the whole,
knowing you will always be with me,
a partner on these paths of mystery
exploring unknown reaches
that each heart and soul demand
within a span of infinite, infinitesimal distraction
that lives and breathes within each action taken,
daring all the norms to be reborn in mortal form
for what else can we be, if not this free . . . ?

Free to live, to love, to laugh
free to know of happenstance
that comes no matter what we think or plan
for destiny is written by a hand
much greater than the hands we play
upon this flesh, so sensuous
divine in its interpretation
creating cheek and brow and lips
and oh, this kiss of endless bliss
that comes to us
as love flows free again . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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