This Great Love

For years that seem eternity
we have tried to walk the path
of many others
only to find ourselves
confronted by dead ends
that seem enduring
in the labyrinth
of others' musty minds

I've struck out on my own
time and again
and lost and found myself within
a greater sense of being
to find there is a path
that I alone must tread

and yet a sense of isolation
and more, that of a dread
still seems to creep into
this great commitment
made real within the rounds
of who I am

But too, I am this flesh
and flesh cries out
for just a touch of caring tenderness
a need too oft' denied
by others who once seemed to be
of me and of my kind

Alien, these feelings
that bring the feel of bondage
and that of such great pain to me
and so I seek to breathe
beyond confines of time and space
and find the airy grace of love
awaiting me yet once again

and I feel the angels gathering around
assuring me that I have never
really been alone at all
within the rise and fall
of love's reality
and they touch this flesh
this very flesh I have become
and begin to heal the many wounds
that existence minus this great love
still brings . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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