This Is Bliss

How loving, now
your entrance to this life
that seemed so lone
as ever-love is born anew
and god, I never knew
a love like this
could e'er exist
yet still I dreamt
will always dream of thee

and just when I least expected
that this love could e'er be real
softly, oh so gently
your tenderness, your care
came streaming in
as if upon a breeze
that must contain
every seed that ever
dreamed to be in spring

You seem to me at times
almost more than I can
ever come to know
yet I must do my best
to know it all and thus express
this feel, this flow of love between
what used to be the variations
of an I and you

for existence
in its mighty evolution
now demands this love's expression
as stardust gleams from hazel green
entrancing all the silver blue
of heaven's eyes

while white and airy clouds
float so serenely on a breeze
like perfection found
in skies of velvet blue
that seek to only come to be
the glistening morning dew
that rests on tender blades
of grass so green
that in itssheen is seen
to be within all eyes

and earth joins in, just then
in form of every goddess
ever felt and known and seen
within a visionary dream
as all become just one
because you love me true
in form of one alone plus one
and e'er evolving

One form that joins another
in angelic mystery
and then must flower
ever through these mystic nights
of gods' emergence into form
for magic's in the making now

pure dreamlike substance
only, always known to be this love
in kindred and in kind
of body, soul and mind
as all that's in between
now heals within this dream
of all extremities
that simply come to be reality
within this one transcendence

One, just one
entranced and so entrancing
in this spell of two-in-one
that bards now strum anew
in synchrony with all that is
for you are loving me
and I am loving you
completely in one kiss
and this is bliss . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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